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In this issue, we will be exploring:

  • 29th Sep - 2nd Oct Madrid, Spain seminar 🇪🇸
  • Wuji app - extra content ➕
  • What are internal martial arts 🥋
  • Build on strong foundations 👊

🇪🇸 Calling all Madrileños

Exciting news! Sifu Leo, fight choreographer from the Ip Man movies, is hosting an internal Wing Chun training course in Madrid, Spain this year from Sep 29th to Oct 2nd. Join us for 4 hours of daily seminars focusing on Wing Chun Chi Sau and sparring.

The seminar is open to anyone who is interested, from beginners to experienced practitioners, so feel free to join us! Save the date and don't worry about missing out as we will be adding the seminar’s recording to the app as soon as it’s over.  

If you can make it, we looking forward to seeing you there!

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New features: Extras

Exciting news! We have launched a new tab just for seminars, documentaries and all things that didn’t quite fit with our training syllabus. We’ve named these types of videos Extras.

We wanted to create a space where you could learn not just about Wing Chun and its application but also about Sifu Leo, his school and Wing Chun history. All without leaving the Wuji app!

Our first Extra video is a short documentary about Sifu Leo, his Wing Chun journey and what the training means to his students.

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Internal Martial Arts

So, you’ve started the lessons and you hear a lot about internal martial arts. What exactly are they? There is a lot of information out there, most of it seemingly mystical and esoteric - none of which is practical in combat.

In our lessons, you will see that ‘internal martial art’ refers to a technique enabling you to deliver power with the tendons and your whole body, rather than just your muscles.

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Build on strong foundations

Every journey has a beginning and every martial arts practice has core foundational techniques to practice. There are three basic forms in Wing Chun, each of which builds upon the previous form and introduces new techniques and principles. Read on to learn about the second in our spotlight series, Chum Kiu. If you have questions, why not use the in-app comment section? Leo and the Wuji team read every comment and will reply with advice if needed.

Chum Kiu, which translates as "Seeking the Bridge" is the second form of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is considered the bridge that connects the foundation of Siu Lim Tao to the advanced techniques of the third form.

In Chum Kiu, you'll learn to blend dynamic footwork with precise hand techniques, enabling you to effectively close the distance and control your opponent. By mastering Chum Kiu, you'll discover the secrets of generating power through body mechanics, leverage, and the coordination of movements. Beyond its practical application, Chum Kiu cultivates a deeper understanding of the Wing Chun principles. You'll explore the concepts of centerline theory, simultaneous attack and defence, and the utilisation of angles to gain a tactical advantage.

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