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In this issue we will be exploring:

  • Leo is teaching in New York!
  • New in-app features
  • The history of Wing Chun
  • Siu Lim Tao: Wing Chun’s Foundational Form

🇺🇸 Calling all New Yorkers

There are still tickets available for Sifu Leo’s seminar on Wing Chun in New York. Leo will be discussing his martial arts journey and his experience in movie choreography, having worked on the Ip Man movies and Marvel Studios’ Iron Fist. This seminar is sure to be an unforgettable experience, as participants will get the chance to learn from a master of martial arts.

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New features

Exciting news! We have launched a new progress tracking feature to help you stay on track with your online learning. The feature includes overall course tracking and video progress tracking, allowing you to see how much of each course and video you've completed, and resume from where you left off. We hope this feature will make it easier for you to achieve your learning goals.

We have also released a feedback feature that allows you to record your first impressions and request features to be added in new releases.

Just tap Profile > Settings > Request Features

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What are the origins of Wing Chun?

You probably know that Wing Chun is an effective self defence style, but did you know who invented it and why? Read on to learn about the 17th century nun who hated bullies and why the martial art she invented is so special.

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Build on strong foundations

Every journey has a beginning and every martial arts practice has core foundational techniques to practice. There are three basic forms in Wing Chun, each of which builds upon the previous form and introduces new techniques and principles. Read on to learn about the first in our spotlight series, Siu Lim Tao. If you have questions, why not use the in-app comment section? Leo and the Wuji team read every comment and will reply with advice if needed.

Siu Lim Tao, which translates as "Little Idea" is the first and most fundamental form of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is considered the foundation of the entire system and is practiced by beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Siu Lim Tao is designed to develop proper posture, alignment, relaxation, and centreline control. The form consists of a series of movements that are performed slowly and deliberately, with a focus on precision and attention to detail.

Learning Siu Lim Tao can improve body awareness, focus, coordination, self-defence skills, and mind-body connection. It is essential for anyone learning Wing Chun.

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